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Update 3: Services Fully Restored

2020-06-07 03:48

We are pleased to announce that services have been restored fully for all the shared hosting servers and the reseller server.

We wish to state that the issue was not a server related issue. It was a network equipment issue which was completely not expected and it also affected more than one server. We were hoping that the data center technicians could resolve the issue within a shorter period but it took a bit longer than usual.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you very much for your patience.

Ultrahostghana Team

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Update 2: Service Status

2020-06-07 03:04

We are pleased to announce that services have been restored fully for the reseller server and one shared hosting server. We are waiting for services to be restored for one remaining shared hosting server.

We will update shortly when all services are full restored.

Thank you very much for your patience.

Ultrahostghana Team

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Service Status Update

2020-06-07 10:09

Dear Valued Customer,

We wish to inform you that we are experiencing some technical issues related with our servers in our Miami data center location which is affecting some websites. The issue is related with the network switches in the data center which is causing some websites to be unreachable.

The onsite technicians in the data center are active and working to get the issue resolved.

We will be providing updates on our announcements page at the link below:


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Your Team

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Make payment with SlydePay

2020-04-21 01:45

Dear Valued Customer,

We trust you are taking measures to stay safe in this difficult times we find ourselves. We would like to inform you about the newly introduced payment option.

UltrahostGhana is pleased to inform you that we have integrated Slydepay as a new payment option.

Slydepay is a payment processing gateway that makes it possible to make payment online using mobile money or VISA/Mastercard . You can choose Slydepay to pay for new orders as well as existing invoices.

Paying with Slydepay
New Orders
When placing an order, you can select Slydepay at checkout. You will be taken to the Slydepay website to make payment for the invoice. After making payment, we will be notified and your order will be processed.

Existing Orders
To pay for an existing invoice, you can follow the steps below. (The steps are also provided in the invoice email).

NB: You can access an invoice directly anytime using the invoice link included in the invoice email.

  1. Login to your account on our website.
  2. Go to Invoices
  3. Search for your Invoice number and open the invoice.
  4. Select Slydepay (or any payment method). You will be taken to the Slydepay website to complete the payment.

After completing the payment, we will be notified and your invoice/order will be processed.

Do I need to have an account with Slydepay?

You do not need to have an account with Slydepay in order to make payment. When you are taken to the Slydepay website, select the mobile money network. You will be asked to provide the number and name. You will then follow the prompt on your phone to complete the payment. If you have a slydepay account, you can also login to Slydepay and complete the payment.

Transaction Fee
Slydepay charges a fee of 3% for every transaction. The fee will be included in the total amount that will be paid on Slydepay website. Invoices on your account will only indicate the product fee.

It is our hope that this additional payment method will provide a convenient option for making payments for orders. Team

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WordPress Security Alert - Update plugins and themes

2020-03-03 06:37

Wordpress cybersecurity firms have reported of an increasing number of attacks on WordPress sites. The new forms of attacks have been focused on WordPress **plugins**. Many of the attacks exploit bugs which have only been recently patched or fixed by the plugin developers.

This means if you are using outdated plugins, it is possible for hackers to hijack your website and in some cases, wipe out your website content.

As reported by ZDnet, some of the attacks are a bit more sophisticated and may not be detected by security tools.

Below are some of the known plugins that are being exploited although they are not the only plugins since it is likely that there are more:


We advise that you update your WordPress installation, plugins and themes immediately. Kindly add it to your priorities.

Imunify360 which is available on our shared hosting servers can provide protection for well known exploits. However, since the attacks are sophisticated and new, it may not be able to detect all the attacks.

Read more at ZDnet:

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